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Adolescent Therapy Group 

Every Other Monday 5:00-6:00 p.m.
Facilitator: Niki Caperton, LPC
Cost per group: $50 or insurance may be utilized

This therapy group focuses on creating a safe, secure, and nurturing space for adolescents (13-18) who struggle with regulating emotions, developing positive relationships with others, tolerating distress, or navigating life's stressors. This group utilizes DBT skills, though it is not a DBT group. Group is limited to 8 members.

DBT Skills Group 


Monday 12:30-1:30 (all genders), Tuesdays 6:00-7:00pm (all genders) or Thursdays 6:00-7:00pm (all women group)
Facilitators:  Sandra Bandas, LPC, CRC
Cost per group: $50 or insurance may be utilized

This therapy group focuses on supporting adults who struggle to effectively regulate emotions by teaching and practicing 4 core DBT skills. Individuals will learn to have greater distress tolerance, improved interpersonal effectiveness, increased emotional regulation, and the ability to be "mindful" rather than "mind full." This group is limited to 10 individuals. 


DBT Skills Processing Group 


Monday 6:00-7:00pm and Tuesday 12:00-1:00pm

Facilitator:  Sandra Bandas, LPC, CRC
Cost per group: $50 or insurance may be utilized

This group is for those individuals who have completed a DBT skills group either with Richmond Creative Counseling or another agency in the community.  In this group individuals can process everyday life events and/or trauma with others with a focus on utilizing DBT skills. Please email Sandra Bandas as [email protected]richmondcreativecounseling.com or through our intake coordinator at [email protected]ondcreativecounseling.com

Adult Eating Disorders Recovery Support Group 

Wednesdays 6 p.m.

Facilitator:  Caitlin Dixon
Cost per group: $50 (some insurances accepted- please check)

This group is for individuals 18+ who are in active recovery from an eating disorder and who are interested in ongoing support to navigate and troubleshoot the challenging process of preventing relapse. Together with peers and the support of a trained therapist who specializes in eating disorder treatment, this group helps individuals persevere through the many challenges one faces on a daily basis. Participants must complete an intake with group facilitator to determine appropriateness for the group. 

Bringing Baby Home Workshop

Dates TBD

Facilitator: Sarah Kindig, LPC- Certified Gottman BBH Educator
Cost per couple: $250 

Bringing Baby Home is a research-based, 2-day workshop that equips current and expecting parents to successfully navigate the transition to parenthood, a time that is typically marked by a decrease in relationship satisfaction.

This program combines lecture, multi-media presentations, and interactive exercises to strengthen your relationship and make you the best parenting team possible.

Our Bringing Baby Home workshop is designed to be inclusive and applicable to all families. 

See our separate page: Bringing Baby Home Workshop for more information on how to register.

Auricular Acupuncture Sessions
Please call for availability
Performed by: Hal Imburg, LPC, CSAC, ADS,;  Carrie Walker, LPC, RPT-S, ADS; Kristin Dahland, LCSW; Niki Caperton, LPC
Cost per session: $10 

Auricular Acupuncture Drop-In Sessions are offered in 1-hour time frames in which individuals may walk in and receive a 30 minute auricular acupuncture treatment by NADA-trained professionals who work collaboratively with a Physician who is licensed in Medical Acupuncture. No appointment is necessary, but participants must arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to the end of the session in order to receive a treatment. 

LPC Group & Individual Supervision
Cost per 1.5 hour group: $50-- meets every Friday from 9:00 a.m to 10:30 a.m.
Available/Approved Supervisors: Carrie Walker, LPC, RPT-S; Kristi Emmons, LPC; Hal Imburg, LPC, CSAC, ADS; Meg Hardt, LPC, Registered Play Therapist
Individual supervision cost: $80/hour

LCSW Group & Individual Supervision
Cost per 1.5 hour group: $50-- group dates TBD
Available/Approved Supervisors: Kate Jackson, LCSW, RPT-S, Kimberly Hines, LCSW,RPT-S
Individual Supervision cost: $80/hour

Play Therapy Individual/Group Supervision
Cost per 90 minute group: $50

Cost per individual hour: $80
Offered by: Carrie Walker, LPC, RPT-S; Kate Jackson, LCSW, RPT-S; Kimberly Hines, LCSW, RPT-S

APT-Approved Play Therapy Trainings
Richmond Creative Counseling, LLC is an APT-Approved provider (#15-410) and offers a comprehensive program of several 1 and 2-day trainings towards becoming a Registered Play Therapist. In addition, we provide other play therapy trainings. Check out our Play Therapy Training link to learn more. 



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