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Mal Mullins

Clinical Assistant Liaison

Mal Mullins

Mal (they/them) is a Clinical Assistant Liaison who provides administrative support to our Psychiatric team and serves as the Clinical Assistant to the Psychiatric Director. Additionally, Mal serves as a liaison to facilitate collaboration and seamless transitions between programs at RCC. Mal assists with prior authorizations, prescription refill requests, scheduling, records requests, discharge coordination, and various other tasks. Before joining the RCC team, Mal spent many years navigating the food and beverage industry in various roles, including serving and management. Mal brings over a decade of customer service experience to their position at RCC and loves strategically improving workflows to be more efficient and user-friendly. Mal is currently pursuing their dream of becoming a psychotherapist and is completing college coursework toward this goal. In their free time, Mal enjoys spending time in nature with their family, listening to live music, and consuming visual art in any way they can.

Clinical Assistant for:
Lauren Woolfolk, PMHNP

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