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Joanne Costlow (she/her)


Joanne is a Supervisee in Social Work who is dedicated to working with individuals seeking to find balance and cultivate stronger and healthier relationships in their lives. Her niche for somatic therapy and mindfulness plays with traditional talk therapy in harnessing an integrative approach to mind-body wellness. Joanne is known for fostering a nurturing environment that allows her clients to feel a sense of safety and support through their journey towards wholeness and connection.

Joanne’s background is rooted in community settings, having worked with individuals facing addiction, homelessness, incarceration, mental illness, disability, and various other challenges. Her experience working with some of the most vulnerable populations allows her to have a sense of competency and empathy when working with individuals whilst going through what could be the most challenging times of their lives. Joanne enjoys celebrating the accomplishments of her clients, no matter how big or small, and seeks to guide her clients towards more embodied living.

Master of Social Work - Virginia Commonwealth University
Bachelor of Science, Psychology - George Mason University